The Issues

The Henry County Jail

Recently changes were made to criminal conviction levels in the state of Indiana. Now Level 6 Felons who were once routed to the Department of Corrections are now being routed into the county jails. This along with the state making requests for county jails to adhere to a new standard has put an extreme burden on counties all across Indiana.

I've ran on the notion that I am a non-traditional thinker and promote creative solutions. One thing that I would promote as a member of the council is The Bail Project. Most people residing in county jail are there for victimless crimes and/or awaiting their court date because they cannot pay for bail. The Bail Project allows for people to assist others in reaching bail. Victimless crimes should not require jail time. I want to work with with the Sheriff and others to make sure the county works on reducing the number the rate of reoffenders in our county.

Public Safety LOIT (Local Option Income Tax)

Henry County, Indiana taxpayers do NOT need their taxes raised. A LOIT was passed not long ago and the funds have not been used as advertised. If those departments come asking for additional funds, I'll encourage them to properly use the funding they've already secured.

County Government Transparency

Henry County needs to standardize their business hours. All paid staff and officials will use county provided software and communication platforms. Meetings minutes will be available within 24 hours and all meetings will attempt to be recorded with great audio/video quality. Meetings should also be moved to later in the evening. Doing so will allow the majority of citizens to be able to attend meetings if they wish to do so without taking time off of work.

Public documents available in electronic form without charge. Any paperwork that can be handled digitally should be. I will encourage the departments to reevaluate their processes and look for ways to reduce the need for physical presence of citizens. Doing so will provide internal efficiencies and taxpayers will get to keep their vacation time for far more enjoyable experiences.


I want to work with the commissioners of Henry County to ensure that the road project is extremely transparent. This includes providing a road map that is updated at least once a week with the progress and projections.

Henry County also needs to work on educating citizens how roads are grated (PASER) as well as how the county prioritizes road repair. This is going to build trust with taxpayers and will reduce question fatigue to county department workers and officials.

We need to properly champion the progress that is being made. It is happening but it is not visible to the taxpayers. Henry County government has to get better at this.

Memorial Park

The county currently foots the bill for a lot of things at the park. I’d like to see additional community initiatives form to assist with all issues involving monuments and assisting with maintenance.

The park should operate as an event space. Henry County government needs to make the right moves to ensure that it is an attractable option for people who are looking to host events within the central Henry County.

Industrial Wind Turbines

Industrial Wind Turbines (IWT) are a largely subsidized product at every level by federal taxpayers. Not only should they not be subsidized at that level, I do not approve the use of abatements for wind energy in Henry County, Indiana. Government has no right to pick the winners/losers in energy or any other industry.

Economic Development

The Henry County Council and other departments within the county need to ensure that government is not a substantial roadblock for industries seeking to do business in our county. I will encourage all departments to make the red tape as frictionless as possible for potential businesses.

If you have questions or want more clarity around my stances, contact me.

About the candidate

Jesse Riddle

I am your vote for freedom and liberty for Henry County's District 3 County Council